About Rob Lunn the legal translator

Spanish (and Catalan) legal focus

Hello. My name’s Rob Lunn. I’m a legal translator specialising in the Spanish legal system. I translate legal and business documents from Spain (from Spanish and Catalan) into UK English.

I work in a range of fields including company law, property law, criminal law and litigation. I translate contracts, court rulings, articles of association, press releases and annual reports, among other legal and business documents.


Legal translation is one field in which you need to choose your translator carefully. Mistakes can be costly. Experience, competence and expert knowledge are a must.

Expert legal translations

My background and understanding of the Spanish and English legal systems along with my experience in translating legal documents into the kind of legal and sometimes even non-legal English that quality-conscious clients expect and require means that I can provide you with expert legal translations.

So, if you are looking for a specialised legal translator, do contact me.

My approach

Please browse the articles on this blog, especially those on legal translation, to get an idea of my approach to legal translation. And don’t be shy. Please comment.

Qualifications, languages and background.

Dissertation for my MA: Exploring the use of the Louisiana Civil Code as a source of English translations for Spanish legal terms

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