Do you need a contract translated into English?

I didn’t write the book on contract translation, but I’ve certainly written a book on it. (You can download it from this page.)

What I want to say is that translating contracts is one of my areas of specialty.

Maybe you have a deal on the table with a foreign client. Or maybe you’re a lawyer handling an agreement for a client.

Either way, you need a contract translated.

Rest assured. I can provide you with the faithful and accurate translation you need.

How will I translate your contract?

As much as is possible with a translation, I follow modern English drafting principles.

I try to make the translation as understandable as possible. I use legalese sparingly and only when it serves a purpose or saves words. And I translate foreign concepts so English readers can understand how they operate in the foreign legal system.

So please contact me via this form if you need a Spanish or Catalan contract translated into English.

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