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Spanish termDescriptionDomain
reserva de leyReserva de ley is the principle under which the Spanish Constitution specifies that certain areas of the law may only be regulated by primary legislation in the Spanish Parliament, the Cortes Generales. Read more.constitutional law
Comunidad AutónomaWhile Spain is not a federation, it is highly decentralized, and, in practice, the regional governments — these comunidades autónomas — have about as much power as you could expect states to have in a federal system. Read more.constitutional law
contrato de interinidadA type of temporary employment contract that covers two circumstances in Spanish labour law... more.labour law
delito vs. hurtoThe Spanish legal system classifies crimes as delitos graves, delitos menos graves and delitos leves or faltas... more.criminal law
procuradorcivil procedure
legitimización activajudicial procedure
dación en pago 1
dación en pago 2
Description of the term in relation to Spain's home repossession problem: here and here. Possible translations for dación en pago.civil procedure
juicio oral vs. juicio verbalDifference between juicio oral and juicio vebal. More.civil procedure
aforamientoSpecial-jurisdiction privilege given to politicians, judges and public servants protecting them from prosecution in lower courts. Read more.judicial procedure
jurado profesional vs. cjurado popularPost about trial by jury in Spain and differences in usage for the English and Spanish terms.judicial procedure
DNI, NIE and NIFID and tax numbers and documents in Spain. Read moreID
imputado, imputaciónAn imputado is a suspect in the investigation stage (fase de instrucción) of a criminal proceedings during which the investigating judge (juez instructor) gathers the evidence for the trial stage (juicio oral). Read more.criminal procedure
artículo, leyHow to translate "artículo" and other hierarchical elements in the Spanish legislation and "ley" in the names of statutes.legislation
escracheMini-demonstrations against politicians held outside their homes or workplaces. Read phenomena

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