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LegalSpainTerm: Spanish legal terms in English

LegalSpainTerm is a collection of descriptions and definitions of Spanish legal terms with possible translations into English. The terms are normally discussed as part of my posts on legal translation or the Spanish legal system.

The terms themselves may be ones that I’ve found tricky to understand or translate in my work as a legal translator, or they may just come up in posts and seem interesting enough to talk about.

What type of trickiness?

The terms are usually of interest to me because they are unique to the Spanish legal system (or at least don’t exist in common law), or because they have promising equivalents in English that turn out to be false or “fickle” friends (incorrect or sometimes/partly incorrect translations), depending on the context, which is something that happens quite a lot in legal translation.

Needless to say, they are also often terms for which I have found contradictory or unsatisfactory translations in my research.

LegalSpainTerm is not a glossary

While English translations are suggested, this is not a glossary in the traditional sense of offering one-to-one translations.

Bilingual dictionaries and glossaries are essential resources for translators, but lists of equivalent translations are not always so useful, especially in legal translation, where false and fickle friends abound. At least a little bit of knowledge of the legal systems is required to determine whether a particular translation is appropriate for a given context.

LegalSpainTerm focuses on the meaning; the translation is almost secondary. The idea is to suggest possible translations that can be adapted for when actually translating the term in a legal document.

Ad hoc with an index

Although I post about terms as and when they come up and have no intention for LegalSpainTerm to be a comprehensive list in any particular area, I do keep a record of the terms here, so some organisation may creep into the process.

You can also use the LegalSpainTerm tag and category to find posts that discuss terms.

Please comment

As the terms chosen are mainly ones I found challenging for some reason, in most cases there will probably be room for improvement or at least discussion. So feel free to comment.

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