Notary talk, METM18, references and slides

I did a talk at METM18 in Girona on translating civil-law notary terms into English. You can download a PDF file of the slides here.

As well as the references below, you might want to look at this post. However, please note that the research I did for this talk has changed my mind about some of the translations suggested in that post.

For instance, I’m now far more hesitant about using “public form” and “public instrument” in translations. As I explained in the talk, these terms are obscure in English. You can only really count on notaries knowing them. They’re also usually redundant (also explained in the talk).

I’ll either update that post or maybe write a new one when I get a chance.



Alcaraz Varó, E. and Hughes, B. (2007) Diccionario de Términos Jurídicos, A dictionary of Legal Terms, 10th edition

Del Arco Torres, M.A. (ed.) (2009) Diccionario Básico Jurídico

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Online Resources

English translations

Jowers, R. Léxico Jurídico Español-Inglés …a site for exploring legal terminology

Common law notaries (mainly England and Wales)

Cox, N. (2000) The Notary Public- the third arm of the legal profession

Private vs public form notarial acts

The Faculty Office 

The Notaries Society

The UK and Ireland Notarial Forum

Rules and regulations for English and Welsh notaries

Notaries Practice Rules 2014 (as amended July 2017) (pdf)

Other rules and regulations

Spanish notaries

Official page of the General Council of Spanish Notaries (in English)

Glossary (in Spanish)

Spanish legislation/reports

Decreto de 2 de junio de 1944, por el que se aprueba con carácter definitivo el Reglamento de la organización y régimen del Notariado

Informe número 193 de la Comisión de Derecho Internacional Privado del Colegio de Registradores de España sobre la resolución de la DGRN de 14 de septiembre de 2016 (B.O.E de 4 de octubre de 2016) (I haven’t found this on line. Ask me if you want a copy.)

Ley del Notariado de 28 de mayo de 1862

Real Decreto 45/2007, de 19 de enero, por el que se modifica el Reglamento de la organización y régimen del Notariado, aprobado por Decreto de 2 de junio de 1944

Civil-law notaries

Wikipedia. Civil law notary

Written by Rob

Rob Lunn is a freelance legal translator based in Spain. He translates from Spanish and Catalan into English.

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