Below is a list of resources for legal translators that I have stumbled across in my travels and talked about somewhere on this blog (in most cases).

It includes glossaries, dictionaries and other resources in English, Spanish and Catalan.

The links in the far left column are to posts I’ve written about the resources. The links in the far right column go directly to the resources.

Name (link to blog post)DomainTypeLang.DescriptionExternal link
TermcatCatalanglossaryCATOnline glossaries and other resources in Catalan. Read more.Home page, Notary terms, EC terms
Financial Times LexiconFinanceglossaryENGOnline glossary of financial terms. UK English. Read more.Glossary page
InvestopediaFinanceglossaryENGOnline glossary of financial terms. US English. Read more.Glossary page
Official translations of Spanish legislationLegislationlegislationENGThe Spanish Ministry of Justice's translation of Spanish legislation. Read more.Ministerio de Justicia
Document on civil procedure in SpainCivil proceduretextENGRuns through civil procedure in Spain and describes and sometimes gives English translations for different Spanish legal terms and concepts. Read more.Document in Google
Definitions of Main Contract ClausesContractsPPT, definitionsENGPPT with definitions of usual English contract clausesDefinitions of Main Contract Clauses
Dahl's Law DictionaryLegal dictionarydictionaryENG/SPAA Spanish<>English legal dictionary with a unique approach. Read more.Google books
Easily confused legal English termsLegal Englishblog postENGDefinitions: Sign vs. execute, effective date vs. execution date, joint and several liability and serving a document / proof of serviceSign vs. execute +
The judiciary of Spain's website in EnglishCourtsgovernment websiteENG/SPAThe English website of the Judiciary of Spain in English. Read more.Poder Judicial España
Enforcing contracts in SpainContractstextENGDescription of civil procedure in Spain. Read more.International Finance Corporation. Enforcing contracts in Spain.
Legal glossaries in EnglishLegal glossarieslinks to glossariesENGLinks to 22 legal glossaries.22 Legal Glossaries. Inbox Translation.
Spain's constititution of 1812 in EnglishConstitutional lawtextENGEnglish version of Spain's constitution of 1812, la Pepa. Read more. English version of Spain's constitution of 1812
The Spanish JudiciaryCourtsarticleENGArticle of the Spanish Judiciary. Read more.Spanish Judiciary
Louisiana Civil Law DictionaryCivil lawdictionaryENGDictionary of civil law terms used Louisiana. Read more.Web page on the dictionary
My thoughts on my legal dictionariesLegal dictionariesdictionariesENG, SPARundown of my legal dictionaries and the use I get out of them. Read more.
From Words to Deeds: translation & the lawBlog on legal translationblogENGBlog with a lot of resources for legal translators and other interesting things on translation and the law. Read more.Link to From Words to Deeds
Differences between US and UK/EU contract lawContract lawarticleENG5 key differences between US and UK/EU contract lawKey differences between US and UK/EU contract law
Quick reference to categories of contract languageContractsarticle, reference sheetENGQuick reference to categories of contract language featured in the article "A Cheat-Sheet for Categories of Contract Language?" by Ken AdamsA Cheat-Sheet for Categories of Contract Language? In PDF
Oral Legal English in action in English-language high courtsCourts, legal EnglishmultimediaENGBlog post linking to various multimedia resources with proceedings from English-speaking high courts.Oral Legal English in action in English-language high courts. The Englished Advocate.
Wiki online Spanish English legal resourcesLegal dictionaries glossaries, dictionariesSPAList of online Spanish<>English legal dictionaries and glossaries. External link.glosarios-juridicos-bilingues
Book Review: The Civil Law TraditionCivil lawbookENGThe Civil Law Tradition by John Henry Merryman and Rogelio Pérez-Perdomo is excellent background reading for translators in any language combination crossing the civil–common law divide.
Misused English Words and Expressions in EU PublicationsEU EnglishPDF listENGList of English words and expressions commonly misused in EU publications published by the European Court of Auditors.
EU-Lex advanced term searchEU lawterm search, corpusEU languagesAdvanced term search of EU legislation and case law.EUR-Lex advanced term search
EU style guide for translatorsEU Englishstyle guideENGEU style guide for translators 2014
Spanish insurance terminology glossary (in Spanish)InsuranceglossarySPASpanish insurance terminology glossary (in Spanish)Diccionario de Cláusulas y Terminología de Seguros
Plain English Campaign: The A to Z guide to legal phrasesCommon law, plain EnglishglossaryENGPlain English glossary of English legal terms.Plain English Campaign: The A to Z guide to legal phrases
IFRS - 7 Languages General Purpose XBRL TaxonomyFinanceglossariesENG, SPA, POR, GER, FRE, ITA, DUTIFRS terminology in 7 languages.The XBRL Taxonomy for International Financial Reporting Standards
Content and form: Two books on the law for legal translatorsLegal translationbooksENG, SPATwo books that might be for ES>EN legal translators: "Glanville Williams: Learning the Law" and "Spanish Law and Legal System". Read more.
A handbook for authors and translators in the European CommissionGeneralstyle guideENGA handbook for authors and translators in the European CommissionEnglish Style Guide
Imputado, testigo, acusado, condendado, indultado, criminal lawWeb pageSPAWeb page with definitions of Imputado, testigo, acusado, condendado and indultado, Imputado, testigo, acusado, condendado, indultado
Glossary of legal (and related) terms and courthouse signs English/SpanishCourtsglossaryENG, SPAGlossary in PDF
A more thorough rundown of civil procedure in Spain.Civil proceduretextENGDescribes civil procedure in Spain. Read more.a href=Web page. PDF
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