A world at your fingertips that you never touch!

The other day I was thinking I should update my resources page. But then I realised there was a reason why I haven’t done so for so long: I hardly ever even visit the page let alone use it to find resources. When I want to find something I’ve referred to on my blog, I just use the search box or the tags.

Admittedly my blog’s resources page is not very comprehensive. But I’ve got lots of other lists and links to resources in other places (in bookmarks, in Excel and Word files, favourited on Twitter, etc.), and while they all looked useful at the time, they’ve all ended up being as useless to me as my resources page.

I do get something out of resources if I take the time to read them. So books and articles are good. I find I do come back to them if I need to but just having read something once is often enough. But one thing I never read and never come back to are glossaries and dictionaries — apart from my core set of favourites I use every day.

This is especially true for online resources. Because you know they’re there and free, you think you’ll come back to them when you need to. But of course you never actually need them or even remember they exist.

Maybe it’s just how we’ve come to use the Internet. Everything is just one big Google search. You don’t need to remember where anything is because it will come up if you type in the right search words.

Anyway, a sense of obligation will probably make me get around to updating my resources page at some stage. I might even find it useful if I can keep it up to date. Although I guess I’ll just have to learn to live with that sensation of wastefully having millions of fantastic resources at my fingertips that I never use.

Written by Rob

Rob Lunn is a freelance legal translator based in Spain. He translates from Spanish and Catalan into English.

One comment to “A world at your fingertips that you never touch!”
  1. i know what you feel 🙂 i always favs good translation articles but i never saw them 🙁
    by the way keep it up

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